Simplicity – Minimal, Natural Makeup

Recently, I’ve been opting for quick, simple beauty products that make me look a little more alive in a short space of time.  Minimal effort, maximum impact kinda products. I’ve been loving using these products to create this minimal, natural makeup look.

I’ve been rather unwell for the past month, so have been spending most of my time sleeping to try to allow my body to recover.  This has meant that makeup application has been extremely limited and on a strictly needs-must basis.  My skin has also really taken a hit from being severely dehydrated (and my kidneys having a meltdown due to sepsis), so most of the products I’ve been gravitating towards are a little more hydrating than what I would usually opt for.

When I’m not feeling great, I prefer to wear light, minimal, natural makeup.  I find that thick foundation can make me feel a bit icky when I’m not 100%;  so I’ve not been wearing any. Instead of foundation, I’ve been using the By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum in the shade ‘Sunny Flash’.  This very naturally evens out my skin tone and provides some much-needed colour to my lacklustre skin.  To be honest though, this shade is a little too dark for me even when I’m wearing tan.  However, I mix one pump in with my moisturiser which sheers out the pigment and it works out perfectly for me.  I also kinda like this method as the serum is a very pricey product, so the fewer the pumps to cover my face, the better.

For lips, I’ve been sticking to sheer tinted lip balms.  Again, By Terry has clinched the top spot with the Baume de Rose Crystalline lip balm.  Another super pricey product, but very worth the price tag.  It leaves your lips with a slight pinky-sheen that is beautifully hydrating, whilst simultaneously brightening your entire complexion.  Don’t ask me how it does it, but it does.  The thing I love most about this lip balm is that it comes in a tube with a doe-foot applicator.  Perfect for carrying in your handbag.  I love my Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm, but the tub makes it less than ideal for on the go.  Germy fingers dipping in and out of a tub? No, thank you.  So if you’re looking for the perfect tinted lip balm for everyday use, the Baume de Rose Crystalline is the one.

I’ve also been wearing some false eyelashes, as I actually find this quicker and easier to apply and remove than loads of coats of mascara.  The lashes I’m wearing here are the House of Lashes Iconic Lite lashes – I absolutely love them!  The lite lashes suit my eyes much better than the original, fuller lashes.  I’d definitely recommend the lite and mini lashes if you find false lashes can overwhelm your eyes or look a bit too dramatic.

What products do you use to make you look a bit more alive?

Steph, xo


27 responses to “Simplicity – Minimal, Natural Makeup”

  1. Paula says:

    I rarely wear makeup, bu when I want to liven my face up, I put on mascara, a moisturizer with tint, and some lip gloss. 🙂

    • StephieBeau says:

      I think a bit of lip gloss does wonders! Matte lips have been the 'in thing' for so long and I feel they can be a little dull at times! Thank you for commenting! x

  2. Samantha P says:

    I'm sorry you're poorly BUT your minimalist makeup approach is pretty much how I operate normally. I only wear heavier makeup for events and nights out. I don't like feeling the makeup on my face and taking it off is just such a hassle.S .x

    • StephieBeau says:

      I used to wear quite a lot of makeup even through the day because I love playing with it, but I've definitely enjoyed get ready (and unready) in half the time!

  3. Stephanie O'Toole says:

    Can we just take a second to appreciate your eyebrows! My Mac Strobe cream is my go to for minimal makeup, makes me luck so much more awake!Steph

    • StephieBeau says:

      Oh thank you fellow Steph, haha! I'm not sure how I've managed it, but I've never tried Strobe cream! I'll need to give it a shot! x

  4. lily deal says:

    Being ill sucks, hope you're feeling better!! I find that my lips lack moisture post illness so going for something hydrating is a good idea X

  5. Rabiah A says:

    I hope you get well soon hun! I must say that photograph of you looks stunning. The minimal makeup looks absolutely amazing on you.Such a great post <

  6. ohfab says:

    I hope you feel better soon & if that picture was taken while you're ill, then wow, if only we could all look that good! I'm the same, however if I'm sick everything goes out the window and I go bare-face. I usually only stick to tinted moisturiser and concealer most days anyway!Em • lifestyle & design blog • for fab custom logo & blog header designs visit:

    • StephieBeau says:

      Aww thank you! It's just the light haha! I would love to be able to go bare faced when I'm ill, but I honestly think I would terrify people haha! x

  7. Nikki O. says:

    I hope you feel better soon girl! I don't wear makeup at all but I would love to get into it. This looks like such a great simiple look for anyone just starting out as well 🙂 P.S: You have BEAUTIFUL blue eyes! I'm jealous <3Nikki O. |

    • StephieBeau says:

      Thank you Nikki! I really enjoyed art at school, so I see makeup as being able to get creative for half an hour every day! I would actually love to have brown eyes! I ordered brown coloured contact lenses but I'm too scared to put them in haha! x

  8. Pandora Pip says:

    I'm absolutely the same on down days, I'll just use a BB cream and a lip balm (maybe a tinted one if I'm feeling fancy). If I can manage to put any more effort in the most I'll do is some powder to fill in my brows and at a push a light coat of mascara! Pandora xo

    • StephieBeau says:

      I used to feel like I couldn't leave the house without full face of makeup, so not wearing foundation is a big step for me! I'll maybe try a BB cream next time I feel that I'd like a little bit of coverage! Definitely need some mascara no matter what though, aha! x

  9. Charlotte says:

    I'm sorry you've not been very well lovely, however at least you've found make-up to work for you;)! When I was ill make-up was the last thing on my mind. The lip product seems like a little miracle worker! Lovely post. (Get well soon!)Charlotte

    • StephieBeau says:

      Oh thank you! The lip balm is amazing, just so pricey! I suppose if it works so well and looks so pretty, I don't mind paying £30 for it! x

  10. Irene Thayer says:

    This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

  11. Hannah Hawes says:

    You look gorg sweetie! Hope you're feeling a bit better? During the summer I don't like to wear much makeup because of the heat. My go-to summer essentials to make me look alive are: mascara, eyebrow palette, concealer for any blemishes and I nice bronzer to give me a sun kissed glow.Love Hannah

    • StephieBeau says:

      Awww thank you lovely! Yes I'm slowly but surely getting better now, thank you! Yes, always need some mascara! Bronzer is such a good one too, definitely makes you look more alive! x

  12. Marc Rose says:

    Get well soon! Although I don't wear makeup (surprised?) I do always like face pamper :') makes me feel a bit cleaner, y'know? Though I'm not ashamed to admit I've covered up a few spots in the past with a concealer! *crying laugh emoji*Marc x

    • StephieBeau says:

      Thank you! Yessss, I always feel so much better after a good face pamper haha! I'm 100% for guys wearing makeup, even if it's just a light base/concealer etc. Why should girls have all the fun or be able to cover things and guys can't?! Allllll about that push for equality and breaking social norms! ?? x

  13. Anonymous says:

    Simplifying my beauty routine has been one of the best things I did this year… Frees up so much mental space

  14. Jessica Tonge says:

    Love this natural look!

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