Pearl Beauty Creamy Bronzer Review and Swatches

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Pearl Beauty Creamy Bronzers


The Pearl Beauty Creamy Bronzers* are the perfect balance of healthy, radiant, lit-from-within glow while also being long-wearing and flattering on textured skin.  The consistency of the Creamy Bronzers are like a stiff cream, so are not too melty, creamy or slippy like some other cream cheek products can be.  The formula is great for all skin types – Elanna, the founder of Pearl Beauty has oily skin, so created them to perform beautifully all day, even on oily skin.


The pigment level is really customisable and easy to control – with pigment starting at about a light-medium, then building up really well as you layer it without going patchy or disturbing other products underneath.


For applying cream bronzer,  Pearl Beauty’s ‘The One’ brush* is perfect for the job.  Swiping on product and buffing into the skin can cause your base products to lift or go patchy, so instead, I always use a tapping motion when applying any cream cheek products.


I like to apply bronzer where the sun naturally hits my face – on the forehead, temples, cheekbones and a little on my nose.

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There are four shades in the Creamy Bronzer range:

  • Fair 001 – a neutral beige
  • Light – a warm golden 
  •  Medium – a deep golden
  • Dark – a deep terracotta 

I have shades fair 001 and light 002 – which both work on my super fair, neutral skin tone as the formula blends out effortlessly and can be worn as a subtle sun-kissed glow. It just depends on whether I’d rather have a cooler (fair) or a warmer undertone (light) that day.


For reference, my skin tone is MAC C0, Dior 0N. 


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