Dermalogica Double Cleanse Duo

Dermalogica double cleanse

As I’m sure you are aware, double cleansing is an essential step in your skincare routine.  Using a purpose-made makeup remover before a normal cleanser is paramount to ensure your skin is cleansed and cared for.  This Dermalogica double cleanse routine is perfect for all skin types, which I can (kind of) attest to.  My skin ranges from normal in the Winter months to super oily in Summer – no matter the weather or how my skin is behaving, this is a double cleansing dream team.

 Step 1 – PreCleanse

This super effective oil breaks down every last bit of makeup – even stubborn lash glue, liquid lipsticks and multiple layers of base products. One pump easily removes a whole face of makeup, meaning this makeup remover lasts me forever!  I massage one pump of Precleanse into my dry face and eyes until I see and feel the makeup breaking down.  Then, I wet my hands while continuing to massage my face – the oil will emulsify and turn milky at this stage.  Then I just rinse off the excess and all traces of makeup – ready for the second cleanse! *If you wish to take this travelling, the PreCleanse Balm will most likely be more suitable for you.  The pump on this original PreCleanse isn’t very travel friendly*

Dermalogica double cleanse

Step 2 – Special Cleansing Gel

After using Precleanse to remove my makeup, I use the Special Cleansing Gel to cleanse my skin.  I use a pea-sized amount on damp skin, massaging to make sure my skin is thoroughly cleansed.  The gel consistency is perfect for leaving your skin prepped for your other products in your skincare routine – no oily residue is left sitting on the skin, but also no tight, dry feeling either.  It also works great with my Clarisonic, or before the Daily Microfoliant exfoliator.  As well as being a great team player when coupled with the PreCleanse, the Special Cleansing Gel works perfectly on its own as my morning cleanse too – no need to buy a separate product just for your morning skincare routine.

Dermalogica double cleanse

I love Dermalogica’s approach to skincare and their products – they care about using quality ingredients and real results. No OTT fancy packaging or unnecessary filler ingredients!  Their website is also super helpful and educational for every skin type.  You can use their online tool to input your skin concerns and get personalised product recommendations and tips for your skin or, arrange an appointment at a salon to have your skin analysed by a professional.  I highly recommend finding your nearest salon for a Face Mapping skin analysis – I had one years ago (at Revival Retreat in Glasgow) and it was really helpful!

Let me know what  your favourite double cleansing products are!

Steph, xo


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  1. Catherine says:

    I always see these products around so it was nice to see a detailed, honest review! Also, great photos!

    • stephanieswan says:

      Oh thank you for such a lovely comment, Catherine! I love reading reviews before purchasing anything, so I’m glad I can help! x

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