These Non-Greasy Hand Creams Will Leave Your Hands Feeling Soft and Smelling Heavenly

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When your hands are moisturised you also keep your nails strong and healthy too, which helps manicures last longer – win-win!


I love lightweight, fast absorbing hand creams that don’t need any downtime – I want to be able to write, type, open bottles, grab coffee etc. without slippery hands interfering with my day.


But the most important thing?  It’s got to be non-greasy.  These are the ones that have passed the test.

Great for: people who want to prevent rather than treat dry hands, as this formula is incredibly light. Also great for people who usually don’t like hand creams – this instantly sinks in leaving hands feeling smooth, velvet-y and dry to the touch.  This is the perfect hand cream for summer.

Texture: gel/sorbet, instantly absorbed 

Fragrance: fresh lemon, moderately scented

Available from: ^Feelunique

Great for: people with dry hands during warm months – the super light texture, refreshing fragrance and need for only a small amount of product makes this a great choice for quick reapplications throughout the day.

Texture: dry pomade, very fast absorbing

Fragrance: basil with verbena, super refreshing and uplifting. Very strongly scented and lingers for hours.

Available from: ^Cult Beauty

Great for: people who want a moderately moisturising hand cream with a light feel and scent.  This is the hand cream I keep bedside my bed to apply at night.

Texture: light cream, fast absorbing

Fragrance: sweet orange, like sparkling fresh juice. Lightly scented. (I also love the ^Thê des Vignes version of this hand cream which has a light white musk, neroli and ginger scent.)

Available from: ^Feelunique, ^Lookfanstastic

Great for: people who want a moment of indulgence – available in 4 beautiful scents, these moisturising hand creams feel as luxurious as they smell.  At Christmas, these usually become available as a gift set, highly recommend. (I still haven’t forgiven them for discontinuing the Crème de Pistache fragrance in 2015/16 – I’m holding out hope they come to their senses and bring it back one day!)

Texture: light cream, fast absorbing

Fragrance: Celeste fig, apricot nectar and ylang-ylang. Smells fresh, earthy, green and creamy. Moderately scented.  

Available from: ^Feelunique, ^Lookfanstastic


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