Glossier Boy Brow: Clear vs Brown And Why I Use Both Shades

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Glossier Boy Brow Product Photo brown vs clear
Glossier Boy Brow Spoolie Size

Glossier Boy Brow is a firm favourite within the beauty world, and for good reason.  The waxy-pomade formula thickens up your brow hairs giving light hold and subtle definition – perfect for achieving natural-looking, fuller and fluffier brows.



This formula is great for people who don’t like a brow gel to be too stiff and crunchy feeling, but maybe not so good for those with unruly brows that need a stronger hold to be tamed.   I have pretty average brows and it holds them in place decently well. Your hairs will move if you brush against your brows the wrong way though (my eyebrows end up a riot if I’m pulling tops on and off over my head).  I’d say it’s about a light to medium hold.  I love that it’s long-wearing and doesn’t smudge, flake or transfer throughout the day, even on my oily skin.


Glossier Boy Brow Clear
Left Brow: no product. Right brow: Boy Brow Clear
Glossier Boy Brow Clear vs Brown
Left Brow: Boy Brow Brown. Right brow: Boy Brow Clear


^Boy Brow is super simple and easy to apply due to the tiny spoolie applicator.  I tend to comb the product through my brows backwards against the direction of growth first, then style them into place.  This way, I get thicker looking brows because I’ve coated the back of the hairs too. You do need to be a bit careful though, as quite a lot of product can come out on the spoolie at one time.  It’s not really an issue for me, as it’s easy to just take a bit of the excess off using the rim of the tube.


boy brow clear vs brown

how I use Boy Brow in Clear and Brown

^Glossier Boy Brow is available in 5 shades: clear, blond, brown, black and auburn.  I have the shades Clear and Brown – which I use to achieve different looks – but both suit fair to medium brunette hair.  The Brown shade is medium in depth and neutral in tone, so doesn’t pull too warm/red/orange or too cool/ashy/grey.


When I’m going for the fluffy, naturally full look I tend to use the ^Brown Boy Brow – I just make sure not to overdo it.  I love how quickly it transforms my brows with minimal effort.  The formula makes my brows look much fuller and a bit darker, so they really don’t need any other product in them.  If I want more of a feathered brow look, I then add some hair-like strokes using ^Brow Flick in Brown where I’d like some extra definition and fullness.


If I’m going for a more structured look, I’ll fill in my brows first with the ^Refy Brow Pencil or the ^Beauty Pie Superbrow Luxe Precision Pencil then use the ^Clear Boy Brow to thicken my brow hairs and keep them in place.  The clear shade is also perfect for no-makeup days, as it just adds a little oomph to your brows but is pretty much undetectable – the perfect no-makeup makeup brow product.

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