Glossier Boy Brow: Clear vs Brown

Glossier Boy Brow Stephanie Swan

Glossier Boy Brow is a firm favourite within the beauty world, and for good reason.  The waxy-creamy formula thickens up your brow hairs while softly holding them in place – perfect for achieving natural looking fuller and fluffy brows.

This formula is great for people who don’t like a brow gel to be too stiff and crunchy feeling, but maybe not so good for those with unruly brows that need a stronger hold to be tamed.   I have pretty average brows and it holds them in place well, but your hairs will move if you brush against your brows the wrong way (my eyebrows end up a riot if I’m pulling tops on and off over my head).  A major plus for me is that the formula doesn’t budge, smudge or transfer throughout the day, even on my oily skin.

The product is super simple and easy to apply due to the tiny spoolie applicator.  I tend to comb the product through my brows the wrong way first, then style them into place.  This way, I get thicker looking brows because I’ve coated the back of the hairs too. You do need to be a bit careful though, as quite a lot of product comes out on the spoolie at one time.  It’s not really an issue for me, as it’s easy to just take a bit of the excess off using the rim of the tube.

Boy Brow is available in 4 shades: clear, blond, brown and black.  I have the shades clear and brown – which I use to achieve different looks – but both suit my fair hair.  When I’m going for the fluffy, natural look I tend to use the brown shade – I just make sure not to overdo it.  I love how quickly it transforms my brows with minimal effort.  The formula makes my brows look much fuller and darker, so they really don’t need any other product in them.  If I’m going for a more polished look, I’ll fill in my brows first with the Benefit Precisely My Brow or Kiko Precision Eyebrow Pencil then use the clear Boy Brow to thicken my brow hairs and keep them in place.  The clear shade is also perfect for no makeup days,  as it just adds a little oomph to your brows but is undetectable * i woke up like dis*.

What is your favourite brow setting product?


Steph, xo


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