The Perfect Makeup Bag – The Flat Lay Co Review

I’m always on the lookout for things that make life that little bit easier and stress free:  multi-use makeup products, foundation that blends effortlessly, the perfect makeup bag etc.  Having perfect makeup bag may not sound like a priority, but believe me – it should be!  It’s amazing what a difference having a great (or not so great) makeup bag makes when you’re getting ready.  

I used to struggle to find my eyeliner that was hiding under all my other products at the bottom of my bag.  I used to have to tip everything out on to my vanity to find what I was looking for, then everything would roll off onto my floor.  I used to then be in a rush to get out the door, having to leave all my makeup strewn all over the place as I didn’t have time to pick everything up individually and put it all back into my makeup bag.  Not anymore!

This Open Flat Makeup Bag from The Flay Lay Co has made my life 10 times easier since it’s been in my life – it really is the perfect makeup bag!

The Open Flat Makeup Bag

As the name suggests, this makeup bag opens flat so you can get ready quickly and easily.  No more rummaging around trying to find the product you’re looking for means less stress getting ready in the morning.  This drawstring makeup bag is also perfect for doing your make up on the go, as the lip around the edge creates a barrier which stops products from rolling away.  As this makeup bag is made of a lovely thick fabric, your breakable products are protected – making it the perfect travel makeup bag.  The Open Flat Makeup Bag is also machine washable, so you can keep your makeup bag in pristine condition.

How It Works

The bag opens and closes using a sturdy drawstring, which allows the bag to open fully out into a circular mat.  Just pull the drawstring, open out the bag – et voilà!  All your products are easily accessible and can be found in seconds.


  • machine washable
  • open and close bag easily in seconds using drawstring
  • interior zipper pocket compartment (perfect for accessories)
  • 8 elastic loops (perfect for brushes or eye liner pencils)
  • 2 exterior large pockets which fasten with strong velcro 

Is This The Perfect Makeup Bag For You?

If you can relate to any of these situations, the Open Flat Makeup Bag is for you:

  • you need to be able to get ready quickly
  • you hate tipping out the entire contents of your makeup bag to find what you’re looking for
  • you like compartments to keep your items organised
  • you do your makeup on an uneven surface and your products usually roll off
  • you usually spend more time rummaging around looking for your eyeliner than actually applying it
  • you get makeup on your bed/carpet when getting ready
  • you’re looking for a way to make getting ready a little less stressful
  • you do your makeup while on public transport
  • you like being able to clean the inside of your makeup bag
  • You have products that may be prone to breaking (glass bottles)
  • you have messy makeup products that can make the inside of your makeup bag grubby (Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand – I’m looking at you)

Choosing Your Makeup Bag

There are a few options to choose from when picking your Open Flat Makeup Bag.

Size: There are 2 sizes – 30cm and 50cm.  I have the 50cm and really love this size.  If you use quite a lot of products daily or need a decent sized bag for travelling with – I’d recommend the 50cm.

Colour Ways: There are 8 colours and prints to choose from in each size.  I have the ‘Coral’ colour from the Summer 2019 collection (which launched alongside ‘Utility Green’ and ‘Lemon Print’, but there are also Classic Black, Haze Blue, Blush Pink, Tropical Leaves and Pink Shells.

Discount Code

Use the code STEPHANIE15 for 15% off on The Flay Lay Co website!

How amazing is this makeup bag from The Flat Lay Co?!  Does it sound like the perfect makeup bag to you? What colour would you choose?


Steph, xo


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