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It can be hard to buy for a beauty lover.


Most of us have more makeup and skincare than we could get through in this lifetime (or the next).


This is a gift guide of some beauty accessories – the handy to have products that make your beauty routine that little bit easier and more effective.

gift guide beauty lover

^Aquis Hair Turban

Reduces drying time, minimises frizz and is less damaging than your regular body towel. Also great for keeping your wet hair securely out of the way.  I couldn’t live without mine now.

gift guide beauty lover beauty

^Slip Skinnies Scrunchies

Silk hair ties are less damaging for your hair than regular bobbles.  These are the skinny version, but they also come in a thicker/larger size and many different colour ways.

Lilysilk Silk Pillow Case

Lilysilk Mulberry Silk Pillow Case

Silk pillow cases reduce friction on your face and hair while you sleep – no more frizzy hair and creases on your face when you wake up! These also feel cool all night and are a dream to sleep on.  

Zoeva Complete Eye Set

^Zoeva Complete Eye Set

Every eye brush you could ever need.  I’ve had this set for years and YEARS and they’ve held up wonderfully.  100% recommend.

mylee gel nail polish set

^Mylee Gel Nail Polish Kit

I’ve used this Mylee Pro gel nail kit for years, I absolutely love it.  The lamp cures the gel perfectly and the polishes are beautiful.  As well as ^Mylee polishes, I also love ^Bluesky and Blazing Star. 

gift guide beauty lover beauty accessories rephr

Rephr Brushes Core Collection

So good, I’ve bought this set twice. A carefully considered and concise collection of luxury brushes handcrafted by master artisans in Japan using natural uncut goat hair.  The matte black handles are beautiful.  My favourite brushes.

Mulberry Silk Face Mask

Made from double-sided 100% Mulberry silk – a soft and gentle fabric on the skin – reducing friction that can be experienced with cotton face coverings.  This is by far the most comfortable face mask I’ve tried and is helping reduce my maskne.

^Mount Lai Black Obsidian Gua Sha

A tool used for Gua Sha – a facial massage technique used in traditional Chinese medicine.  Benefits include, increased circulation, reduced puffiness and facial muscle relaxation.

Salt New York The Palette

This magnetic makeup palette is beautifully made and feels incredibly luxe. The mirror is a great size and the palette is super sturdy.  Perfect for travelling with your single shadows.  I have 2 of these large palettes and one of the small version too.  (Salt NY also have the best zero waste cream cheek products – make sure to check them out).

Face Halo Pro

^Face Halo Pro

I use these to help remove my makeup after my first cleanse.  They’re super soft, so won’t be abrasive on sensitive skin.  Great for people who want to ditch makeup wipes and looking for a more sustainable option.


^BeautyBlender Blendercleanser Solid

The deep cleanser for your makeup brushes and beauty blender.  This makes my brushes look and feel like new – no stains and nicely conditioned hairs.

Beauty Blender Instaclean

^BeautyBlender Instaclean

A spray that dries quickly to spot clean your makeup brushes in between deep cleans.  Super handy for using the same brush for multiple eyeshadow shades.

^Isoclean Makeup Resurrector Set

If you’ve ever dropped your favourite powder blush and watched it smash, you need this.  This kit helps you re-press all the smashed pieces so you can continue using your product like nothing ever happened.



These are great for not leaving kinks in your hair if you tie it up.  These also help stop headaches you might get from tying other bobbles too tight.  Since I switched to these, I have much less breakage at the point where I tie my hair up.

Dyson Airwrap

^Dyson Airwrap

I LOVE mine – having a hairdryer, curler, straightener and round brush all in one tool is an absolute dream.  I’ve noticed a massive improvement in the health of my hair since using the Airwrap, I’m a total convert.

^Dyson Hairdryer

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a negative review of this hairdryer – and I’ve watched *a lot*.  People swear this cuts down their drying time and reduces frizz and damage too.

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