An Introduction to Aromatherapy at The Divine Hag, Glasgow

Health, well-being and living a more considered and intentional life have been one of my top priorities this year.  One area I’m super interested in is aromatherapy, so I was over the moon to be invited to an Introduction to Aromatherapy Workshop at The Divine Hag in Glasgow.  I had the most wonderful time with the other girls at the workshop – thank you so much to Gemma from Bloggers Who Brunch Glasgow for organising and inviting me to such a lovely event!


PS. You can see some pics and videos of us all at the workshop on the Bloggers Who Brunch Glasgow instagram *here*

The Divine Hag Glasgow

The Divine Hag

"The Divine Hag is an aromatherapy lifestyle concept. The three arms of our logo is a representation of the celtic triple goddess – the maiden, the mother and the crone. This feeds into every aspect of our business. We are a woman focussed company, creating scents for women at every stage of life. The Divine Hag is for me, the perfect representation of the rawness of nature and the elemental quality I wish my products to have. It represents age and wisdom and the many years of study and experience that have brought these products to launch."

Mags, The Divine Hag

Products from The Divine Hag

The Divine Hag

Introduction to Aromatherapy Workshop

Creating a Custom Blend Room Spray and Roller Ball


We were warmly welcomed by Mags – the owner of The Divine Hag – who offered us some coffee and explained that workshop would teach us how to make our own aromatherapy rooms sprays and rollerballs.

Learning About Essential Oils

We then took our seats around the table – all our workstations were ready and set up for us with everything we needed to create our own aromatherapy sprays and rollerballs.  In the middle of the table, there were load of different essential oils which we passed round the table one by one as Mags explained their uses (energising vs sleepy) and the history behind them.

Nibbles and Bubbles

All the girls who I’ve met through Bloggers Who Brunch Glasgow are the loveliest people ever, so when we had a little nibble break, you bet the chat, giggles and bubbles were flowing!  To accompany our glasses of fizz, we had some beautifully decorated strawberries from Strawberry Blonde – they were *almost* too good to eat.

Our Own Blends

Mags provided us all with a booklet which has information about the essential oils as well as a blank ‘recipe’ section.  This blank space is for you to keep tally of how many drops of each essential oil you’ve added to your mix.  I’m so glad I wrote down the exact volumes of each essential oil as I absolutely love mine and was definitely having far too much fun at the time to commit my recipe to memory!  Now I can recreate my blends again at home, safe in the knowledge that they’ll turn out exactly the same as the first time.

Essential Oils vs Synthetic Fragrance

We learned about the difference between essential oils and synthetic fragrance.  Mags encouraged us to smell the difference between them and discuss what we felt when breathing them in.  We all agreed that we *felt* something when smelling the essential oils – and from that point on, we were 100% on board with the power of aromatherapy.

Creating Our Room Spray

Now equipped with some knowledge of essential oils and making note of our favourite scents, we started to create our own aromatherapy blend for a room spray.  I choose to make a relaxing, sleep inducing scent so I could use the spray as a pillow mist.

Creating Our Roller Ball

For my rollerball, I wanted to create an invigorating and uplifting blend.  The rollerball is perfect for on the go, as it’s the perfect size to just pop in my hand bag.  When I’m feeling a bit fatigued, I just roll this behind my ears and on my wrists – a super quick and easy pick me up.

An Amazing Goody Bag

Mags very kindly created beautiful goody bags filled with her products for us to enjoy at home:

  • Your own Room Spray
  • Your own Roller Ball
  • Miracle Balm
  • Beastie Balm
  • Bath Salts
  • Wax Melts
  • Your Information Booklet with your Own Blend Recipe
  • Your Funnel that you used during the workshop so you can make more at home

My Two Custom Aromatherapy Blends


Inspiration behind
The Divine Hag

"Inspired by the pure raw nature of the Scottish countryside, our organic aromatherapy products have both healing properties and beautifully scent the home. Drawing inspiration from the emotional and physical challenges we, as women, face, our scents relieve symptoms of pregnancy, periods and menopause, as well as help with daily struggles such as insomnia and difficulty in concentration All products are hand blended in small batches and provide a healthy and natural alternative to conventional chemical laden room fragrances. Our vegan friendly room sprays and diffuser oils ease transitions and aid focus."

Mags, The Divine Hag
Mags, The Divine Hag
Mags, the owner of The Divine Hag

As well as the Introduction to Aromatherapy Workshop that I attended, Mags holds other workshops such as candle making – check out the range of workshops *here*.

The Divine Hag

The Divine Hag,
117 Saltmarket,
G1 5LF.

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