Monthly Favourites: May 2019

Hello lovely people, I hope you had a good May!  This past month I’ve been able to try a few new beauty bits which I’ve been loving so wanted to share them with you!  I’ve also picked up some nice fashion pieces too which I felt my summer wardrobe was really missing!  In May, I also was lucky enough to be introduced to a new hobby which I’ve become totally obsessed with – you need to try it for yourself! Here’s my monthly favourites of May 2019!

Beauty Favourites

Elizabeth Arden Spring Summer Makeup
Elizabeth Arden Plush Up Lip Gelato in the shade 'Coral Glaze'

Pure Purpose Detoxifying Face Mask – Lava Wrap // After having an amazing facial at PURE Spa & Beauty Silverburn (*click here to read my full review*) I was also very kindly gifted the skincare they used on me.  I’ve really enjoyed using it all for the past few weeks, but my stand out product is the Lava Wrap mask.  The mask makes my skin feel really fresh and clean thanks to its detoxifying ingredients and gentle exfoliating particles, but moisturised at the same time.  The smell when washing this mask of is heavenly, it’s like being back at the spa!

Elizabeth Arden Plush Up Lip Gelato in the shade ‘Coral Glaze’ // This is the perfect lipstick for sunny Summer days.  It’s a sheer, moisturising formula with a slight cooling effect, so feels light and refreshing on the lips.  This coral shade is also perfect for the ‘Living Coral’ Pantone Colour of the Year trend. *Also Read: 5 Products from Elizabeth Arden that are perfect for Spring/Summer*

MÁDARA Exfoliating Scrub Oil-to-Milk // This was my favourite product from the Beauty Expert Collection: The Glow Edition. It starts as an oil with exfoliating particles which feels really nice massaged in to the skin.  I usually gently massage in for a few minutes at night, it makes me so sleepy!  The formula then turns milky upon contact with water, leaving you with ultra soft skin.  This is the smoothest my skin has felt in a while, I love it! *Also Read: What’s Inside the Beauty Expert Collection: The Glow Edition*

Fashion Favourites

Lost Ink Midaxi Skirt (via ASOS) // I love how versatile and comfortable midi and maxi skirts are, so I’ve been looking for some to add to my Summer wardrobe.  I picked this one up a few weeks ago via ASOS and have been loving it!  The hem is midi length at one side, graduating down to maxi length at the other – hence the name midaxi!  The fabric moves so nicely, so it feels nice and airy on particularly hot days.

Nylon Earrings (via ASOS) // These are my absolute favourite piece of jewellery at the moment.  I love how unique they, I’ve never seen anything like them!  I sometimes feel a bit too dressy if I’m wearing big earrings throughout the day, but not with these.  I feel like they’re a kinda understated, minimal glam – definitely more what I aim for on an every day basis.

Topshop Mom Jeans // I’m not quite sure how I’ve made it to 26 years old without a pair of Topshop Mom jeans in my life – but I’m glad I’ve rectified this now!  Jeans can sometimes be a struggle for me if they haven’t got much stretch to them.  I’m bottom heavy, so getting jeans past my thighs can be a challenge, but these seem to be fine on me.  I’m usually a size 8-10 on my bottom half, but opt for a 10 in these.  I love how versatile a Mom jean is, as it can be so easily styled up or down depending on what it is paired with.  The pair I have are a mid blue wash with a few knee rips, which look great with a white tee and trainers or with heels, a bodysuit and a blazer.

lost ink midaxi skirt
Wearing the Lost Ink midaxi skirt

Lifestyle Favourites

Sew Confident
This was an example the girls from Sew Confident had to show us - this is my motivation to keep practising!

Hand Embroidery // A couple of weeks ago I was very kindly invited to a bloggers event to meet the wonderful ladies behind Sew Confident to learn about the different classes they offer.  One of their beginner options is a Hand Embroidery Class, which is the class we took at the event.  Having no previous experience with anything crafty, I was amazed at how much fun it was!  The girls were SO helpful, and never made me feel silly for needing a bit of help – like they said, it’s what they’re there for!  I’ve been continuing my embroidery hoop at home as a way to relax before bed, it’s so relaxing!  If you’ve never considered hand embroidery before, I highly recommend giving it a go!  You can find more info about Sew Confident *here*.

Dermot Kennedy // I’ve been listening to Dermott Kennedy on repeat this month as I had tickets to see him live in Glasgow on the 10th.  Unfortunately, I forgot about these tickets until the 11th – so missed the gig!  Prime example of M.E. brain fog for ya!  Anyway, if you like Lewis Capaldi (another fave) you’ll like Dermott Kennedy. My fave song is Power Over Me, closely followed by Lost – highly recommend!

The Vampire Diaries // I’ve been binge watching this series on Netflix for the past month and have now just started Season 8.  I’ve loved TVD, so I’m gutted that I’ve now started the final season!  If you’ve not watched it, you really have to.  If you like Pretty Little Liars and Riverdale, I think you’ll like this too!

What have you been loving this month?

Steph, xo


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