A Deluxe Facial at PURE Spa Silverburn

Everyone loves a good pamper, right? I try to incorporate self-care into my every day life as much as possible (bubble baths are an essential), but I also love to treat myself to something a little more special from time to time too. I love looking after and trying to improve my skin, so booking in for a facial every so often is one of the ways I care for my skin and overall wellbeing. I was very kindly contacted to try a Deluxe Facial at PURE Spa & Beauty Silverburn, a spa that I had first visited 3 years ago and had an incredible Hot Stone Massage at – so I knew that I was going to love it!

How To Find PURE Spa & Beauty Silverburn

PURE Spa and Beauty Silverburn can be found on Floor 2 within Silverburn Shopping Centre, *click here* to be taken to their location page. Find your nearest PURE Spa *here*.

I vlogged my Deluxe Facial at PURE Spa, click to watch!

The Consultation

Firstly, Sophie asked me a little bit about my skin and what my main concerns are. I explained that my skin is oily and acne prone, and is very affected by my hormones. It’s great to have this consultation before jumping in to applying products so your therapist can tailor your facial to you, selecting the most appropriate products for the results you would like.

Double Cleanse

The first product used in my Deluxe Facial was the PURE Clean & Glow Cleansing Oil. This is massaged in to break down any of makeup or traces of grime that may have accumulated throughout the day, then removed with a warm face towel. The cleansing oil is then reapplied and massaged in as before – but this time, the purpose is to thoroughly cleanse and allow the ingredients to work directly on the skin.


Next, the PURE Refresh & Revive Face Spritz was applied as a toner using cotton pads. This cooling and refreshing step soothes and balances the skin, leaving it prepped for the next step in your skincare routine. This can also be applied as a refreshing facial spray throughout the day for a little pick me up and boost of hydration.

Face Mask

The mask that was used during the facial is for professional use only, however PURE do sell this PURE Purpose Detoxifying Face Mask which gives you similar results at home. As I’m oily and acne prone, I love masks which draw out impurities and leave my skin feeling fresh and decongested.


To hydrate and lock moisture into my skin, the PURE Regulate & Clear Face Oil was massaged in, leaving my skin feeling so plump and healthy. It is perfectly fine to use an oil if you have oily skin – using an oil can actually make your skin less oily! This is because your skin feels hydrated and nourished, so doesn’t over produce oil. Avoiding stripping and harsh cleansers should also help with oily skin too!

Eye Treatment

I opted to have an eye treatment with my facial, so lovely soothing gel eye patches were left to sink in to hydrate and depuff my eye area. These are really cooling as they are kept refrigerated, so feel super refreshing.


Throughout the facial, while products were left to sink in to my skin I had the most amazing neck, shoulder and head massage. I had actually never had a head massage before, but it definitely won’t be my last – where has this been all my life?!

Post Treatment

I loved that my therapist talked me through the products used on my skin and why, as well as tips (such as drinking more water) to improve the health and appearance of my skin. Having regular facials will of course improve your skin, but at home care is vital too! The little things we do every day really matter and add up, so it’s great to get some advice about how to maintain your skin between facial appointments. PURE have their own line of skincare products which are available to purchase in store and online.

The whole experience was so relaxing, I was genuinely so chilled and comfortable in the spa – the staff were SO lovely too, which totally just makes the entire experience! When you’ve decided to treat yourself to some pampering, it’s important that you feel comfortable enough within the spa environment and with the staff so you can get the most out of your treatment – so I can absolutely recommend PURE Spa & Beauty at Silverburn if you fancy some ‘me time’!

Steph, xo


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