5 Ways To Feel Better Instantly!

I’d love to be one of those people who can power through and still be productive when they’re not feeling 100%.  However, when I’m not feeling too fabulous, I tend to turn into a slug and feel a bit sorry for myself. When energy and motivation are at an all-time low, take 5 minutes to try these few quick things to help feel fresher and more able to battle through the day:

1. Music //  Recently, I’ve been a lot more into listening to music and loving how listening to a particular playlist can completely change your mood.  At the moment, I’m really loving Spotify Premium.

Action: Take a minute or so to find a pre-made playlist to suit your mood and crack on with the rest of this list.

2. Brush your teeth // I’m always amazed how much better and fresher I feel after I’ve brushed my teeth.  If I’m not feeling great, taking these 2 minutes really brightens my mood and makes me feel a whole lot better.

Action: Get up and clean those pearly whites while having a boogie to your chosen playlist from step one.

3. Drink water //  Okay, not rocket science this one.  Water = hydration; hydration = better body functioning.  I’m someone who doesn’t drink enough water throughout the day.  I don’t really get thirsty, so I tend to forget to keep topped up with water until I have a blinding, dehydration-related headache. Not good when you’re already feeling not so good.

Action: Knock back a big glass of water for an instant boost that your body will thank you for.

4. Have a giggle //  Funny videos and memes are everywhere at the moment, so you shouldn’t have to dig too hard to find something that will lighten your mood.  Nothing cheers me up like a good giggle, so watching something that I know is guaranteed to make me laugh is a no-brainer when I’m feeling rubbish.

Action:  Search for your favourite funny video/meme creators or literally just open Facebook and be bombarded by notifications from all the memes you’ve been tagged in.

5. Stretch //  When I’m not feeling great, I have a tendency to curl up into the fetal position and not move for hours.  Although this may be comfortable, it doesn’t actually improve your situation much.

Action: Get up and stretch your arms, legs, back, etc. to bring some life back to your body.
(Cheat: If you’re feeling super lazy, pretend to be a massive starfish on the couch and take a few deep breaths).


Congrats, you’ve made it! Although it may have been more effort than just vegetating on the couch, you’ll feel a whole lot better than you did five minutes ago!



What are your quick fixes for when you feel a bit mopey or under the weather?

Steph, xo



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  1. Bry Jaimea says:

    This is such a lovely post, and music is so good for lifting and brightening a mood!

    xx Bry Jaimea | BryJaimea.com

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