5 Gripping Netflix Recommendations

Netflix Recommendations Stephanie Swan

Netflix is pretty much my one true love.  Getting into bed and watching it on my laptop before I go to sleep is my guilty pleasure.  I’ve worked my way through a fair few TV series, my favourites being twisty-turny, on the edge of your seat thrillers.  Here are a few of my favourites that I’m sure you’re gonna love too.

Designated Survivor // The series starts off rather dramatically, following the story of a man – who accidentally becomes the President – deal with the aftermath of a terror attack.  That’s all I’m gonna tell you, but this is by far the best TV series I’ve ever watched.  Full of suspense, drama and plot twists.  You’ll honestly not be able to stop watching once you’ve started – so make sure you have a good few hours to just sit and get stuck in to this one!

Orphan Black //  Sarah, a troubled young adult gets caught up in an illegal scientific experiment scandal after witnessing the suicide of a woman who looks scarily similar to her.  There are so many different (but not so different!) characters in this that all have the most fascinating back stories – the lead actress Tatiana Maslany is absolutely incredible.  Definitely worth a watch, especially if you love a conspiracy!

Manhunt: Unabomber //  Based on a true story, this series focusses on an FBI criminal profiler who manages to identify and track down a serial bomber using a rather unorthodox method – forensic linguistics.  Having studied linguistics as part of my degree at uni, I found this fascinating!

Shooter // This thriller series is based on the film Shooter (2007), where a veteran sniper is convinced to come out of retirement to thwart an assassination attempt – only to get wrapped up in a conspiracy that threatens the lives of himself and his family.  I was literally on the edge of my seat watching this, so so goooood.

Safe //  When his daughter goes missing, a widower takes matters into his own hands to find her – uncovering some rather harrowing secrets about the people closest to him.  The camera angles and positioning almost made me give up on this one as it made me feel slightly uncomfortable for some reason, I think it was just too all up in their faces ha! Buuuut, there are so many twists and turns in this that make it so worth the watch!

Let me know your Netflix recommendations!

Steph, xo


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