How to Be a Morning Person (Part 2)

As someone who has not always been a ‘morning person’, I have tried many a tip and technique to help me wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed.   It takes trial and error to figure out the ones that work best for you; often a combination of many of the tips works best.  I’ve already shared some of my tips for gently easing yourself into waking up early in Part 1 of this series, so here are some more of my favourite ways to help you on your journey to becoming a morning person:



Morning Person



Remember that consistency is key and try not to set unrealistic goals.  Telling yourself you’re going to wake up at 5am everyday in life from now on can feel very overwhelming.  I used to be a very ‘all or nothing’ person and felt like I had failed if I had one bad day.  Getting up early 3 days of the week consistently over the year is better than managing 9 days in a row, then giving up because you had one bad day!


Make sure to read my other tips from Part 1 (Part 3 coming soon) and try mixing and matching them with these ones to see what works best for you!


You’re gonna be a Perky Penelope in no time! 

Steph, xo


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