Spa Day Serenity at Gleddoch House Hotel

Gleddoch Spa review

When I think of the ultimate pamper session, I think of a spa day.  Steam rooms, swimming pools and saunas.  Snuggly white robes and slippers.  Massages, facials and soothing music. Afternoon tea with cakes and sandwiches piled high, cappuccinos and herbal teas by the gallon. What more could you dream of?

Well after spending a day at the newly refurbished Gleddoch House Hotel Spa, I’ve now added outdoor hot tubs and heated tiled loungers to my little list of fantasies.


The Location

Gleddoch Hotel and Spa is in Langbank atop a hill in the countryside, perfectly situated to take in the beautiful view overlooking the River Clyde.  Hard to believe such serenity is just a 25 minute car drive from Glasgow!  The air is incredibly fresh and clean – I genuinely felt rejuvenated from taking just a few deep breaths out on the decking.  It was also very peaceful outside – no noise pollution from traffic to distract from the zen.  Life just seemed to slow down, a million miles from the buzz of the city.

The Spa

Gleddoch uses Elemis products throughout their Imperia Spa, from the treatments to the shower area – stocked with shampoo, conditioner and body wash for all your pampering needs.  The spa has a few separate areas for you to relax in: the swimming pool, the conservatory, the outdoor decking and the relaxation room.

The first area you enter has an indoor heated swimming pool, sauna, steam room, an indoor hot tub and showers.  At 1.3meters, the swimming pool was the perfect depth.  This may seem like a strange observation – but hear me out.  It’s nice to be able to have a rest from swimming without having to get out the pool.  For reference, myself and my glamorous assistant/model/best pal are about 5ft7 and the water came up to our collar bones while standing.  I usually find pools a lil bit chilly for my liking, but the water at Gleddoch was the perfect temperature!

Attached to the swimming pool area, is the conservatory – the pièce de résistance.  The conservatory is bright and spacious, offering panoramic views of the Clyde.  To make the most of the view, 3 heated tiled loungers are placed by the windows – allowing you to watch the clouds pass in a blissful little bubble.  There are also some tables and armchairs in the conservatory, and some very beautiful chandeliers!

From the conservatory, you can step outside and enjoy the outside decking area where you will find an outdoor hot tub and loungers.  The hot tub is incredible. The view from the hot tub is incredible.  How many times am I going to use the word ‘incredible’?!  Elaine and I nearly missed our massages because the time flew by so quickly! What had seemed to be about half an hour, had actually been an hour and a half! We were a pair of wrinkly (but very happy) prunes heading down to the relaxation room!

The Treatment

Before your treatment of choice, you are invited to unwind in the Relaxation Room.  This is a very cosy, dimly-lit room with remarkably comfortable beds and blankets. There’s also some fresh water available to keep you hydrated.  You’re then led through into your treatment room by your therapist – there’s even a double treatment room if you’d like to have your massage at the same time as your spa buddy.

Elaine and I opted for a back, neck and shoulder massage with Lauren, and we both agreed that it was the best massage we’d had in a while! We were both very chilled afterwards and just lay back through in the relaxation room, sleepily praising Lauren and wishing we never had to leave.

The Afternoon Tea

There is also a dining area at the spa with large floor to ceiling windows overlooking their 18-hole golf course and all the way to Glasgow in the distance.  The 3-tiered afternoon tea included sandwiches: tuna mayo, ham and mustard, egg mayo and coronation chicken; scones with jam and clotted cream and cakes such as macaroons, brownies and chocolate cake.  The little pistachio macaroon was so good that Elaine almost choked on her scone as she caught my eyes roll back in delight – so warn whoever you’re with before you eat one, haha!

We both had the most amazingly relaxed day at Gleddoch and were already planning our return trip before we left.  Spa packages can be found *here*  – see you there!

Steph, xo

Thank you to Gleddoch Spa for an incredibly relaxing spa day, and to The Universe for blessing me with such a photogenic best pal.

This experience was provided on a complimentary basis in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.


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