How to Be a Morning Person (Part 1)

When I tell people I get up at 5am everyday, I usually get the same few responses: “are you crazy?!”, “WHY?!” and “I’m just not a morning person“.  Did these thoughts just go through your head?  A year ago I  thought them too.  We all know that being an early riser has more pros than cons, yet we still can’t find the willpower to actually get out of bed!  Here are my favourite tips to ease you in to becoming a morning person:

Remember that nobody starts off a ‘morning person’, so give it a go and be surprised at how well you  manage!  Try these tips and you’ll realise that waking up earlier is much easier than you think! (There’s also a Part 2 coming your way soon, so get started with these tips and you can try the others soon!)

Let me know if you try any of these and share your tips for getting up early! 


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