Friction Free Shaving!

Okay ladies, time to ‘fess up.  When was the last time you changed your razor?  3 weeks ago?  Last month?  So long ago that you can’t even remember and now your toes are curling at the thought of going to check the state of your razor?   Same.

It’s not that I intentionally don’t change my razor head within a suitably hygienic timescale, I just forget.  Razors aren’t exactly the most exciting things to buy when you’re in Boots or the supermarket, are they?  So it’s not ’til I have 10 minutes to get ready and I’m scraping a nasty old razor up my shin that I vow to buy a new one.  And then the process repeats again.

If this sounds somewhat familiar to you, then I may have found the solution.  Friction Free Shaving.

So, what is it?

Friction Free Shaving is the UK’s first women’s monthly razor subscription service. 

How does it work?

The first month, you’ll receive a beautiful new razor of your choice and 4 blades through your letterbox.  Every month after that, you’ll receive 4 fresh refill blades.  Which basically works out at a fresh razor head every week with none of the hassle of remembering to go buy new razors.  Genius.

Why would I use it?

At the moment, you’re probably paying a lot of money for razors that aren’t really all that great quality.  You’re also probably not changing your razor enough which leads to a build up of bacteria on the blades and possible skin irritation.  Not cute.

What are the options?

Friction Free Shaving have 3 razors for you to choose from:

If you feel that a fresh razor head every week is a little excessive for your shaving routine, worry not. You can choose to receive (and pay for) 4 fresh blades every second month instead.

So, what’s the verdict?!

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a razor before, I am in love! As you can see from the pictures, I chose the Samantha razor.

The razor is incredibly high quality and much better than any razor I’ve ever used – even ones that have cost me double the price!  The handle is ergonomically designed so it is super easy and comfortable to hold.  It’s made of metal and is actually quite weighty, which makes it easier to control than a flimsy plastic razor that I’d probably end up flinging about and taking off half my eyebrow.

The razor heads for the Samantha razor are just as amazing as the handle:

The 90-degree pivoting head makes awkward and hard to reach places (such as knees and ankles) a doddle to reach without cutting yourself.

The razor and heads are packaged in a slim and compact box that will easily fit through your letterbox.  So no need to make the extra journey to the post office to collect missed parcels or your packages being left in (not so) ‘safe’ places.

Doesn’t this all just sound too good to be true?!  If you’re interested in a new razor, click the link to be taken to their website > . Their website is really well designed, and has kind of a sassy feel to it which I find pretty hilarious.  This page in particular cracks me up.

If you’d like to try FFS, you can receive 30% off your first subscription using the code: 5LIDWR 

Do you think you’d give Friction Free Shaving’s subscription service a try?  Let me know!

Steph, xo 

*I was very kindly contacted by Friction Free Shaving and gifted this Samantha razor.  Of course, all opinions are my own and I will only ever write about products that I love and believe you may love too.  The above discount code is an affiliate code.*


8 responses to “Friction Free Shaving!”

  1. Hale Saaw says:

    Oh wow, I've never heard of anything like this before! The Frankie razor is so cute!Aleeha xXx

    • StephieBeau says:

      I hadn't heard of them either until they contacted me, but it's honestly changed my life! I've told everyone about it!

  2. Jodetopia says:

    I love Friction Free Shaving – I'm signed up to them and I am SO glad this service exists! Makes life so much easier!Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  3. Paris Cross says:

    This is a really great idea and you've definitely reminded me of the dangers of not replacing my razor enough!Paris x

    • StephieBeau says:

      It's definitely one of my favourite beauty/lifestyle purchases I've ever made! Totally takes all the hassle out of shaving! x

  4. Caroline says:

    Eee I haven't heard of these before, sounds really good! Might have to purchase one!

    • StephieBeau says:

      They're the best razor's I've ever used! Originally I was sent this to try, but I actually now pay for the subscription! Amazing company, people and products! x

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